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Saturday, October 16, 2004
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Monday, December 08, 2003
Looking for me? >>NetLink (2:30 PM)
The TechnoGeek blogs have moved! You can find them at my new site at

Thursday, December 04, 2003
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in trouble >>NetLink (3:18 PM)
Yes, it had to happen, and the Haitian and Cuban communities are up in arms over Grand Theft Auto: Vice City's push to kill these groups in a fictional game. Apparently Rockstar is already in trouble when two Taiwanesse boys mimmiked the game and went on a sniper spree.

What happened to the good 'ol days of defeating oversized monsters, robots and other random stuff?
Linux spreads to cellphones >>NetLink (3:11 PM)
Japans largest cellphone carrier has been reported to be implementing Linux in its next generation cellphones. DoCoMo has provided information to companies like NEC on creating these sorts of handsets for its network, this company has been planning such a device since May.
Is your computer secure? You could be sending spam too >>NetLink (3:09 PM)
People who have their computers comprimised without their knowledge could be adding to the growing trend of spam (currently it is estimated 60% of e-mail sent over the internet is spam, and that figure is to grow to 70% over the next month). Nearly one in three computers could be sending out spam thanks to Remote Access Trojans.
Virus is pro-spam >>NetLink (3:05 PM)
A new MiMail variant attacks using distributed Denial of Service attacks on several anti-spam company sites. It also sends out an e-mail as if it was from Spamhaus (one of the sites it targets) saying that child porn CDs are on their way, so now Spamhaus is also getting complaints from infected mail users as well.
Microsoft broadens intellectual property licenses >>NetLink (2:58 PM)
Microsoft who enjoy buying other peoples software and claiming it their own has opened up more technologies for licensing. This marks a change in Microsoft, which has previously been very strict in its Intellectual Property.
HP joins in music fun >>NetLink (2:54 PM)
Hewlett Packard has announced it would demo a digital music player and start an online music store next month.

This could be with Dell coming into the arena as well.