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Sunday, November 30, 2003
China get Playstation 2 December 20th >>NetLink (6:15 PM)
Sony makes a leap over to mainland China with its Playstation 2 console, despite rampant piracy. This article also mentions Nintendos special console for the Chinese market - using flash cards where people download the games instead.
A wallet on your arm >>NetLink (6:09 PM)
A micro-chip that is the size of a grain of rice has been implanted in more than 30 people and has been described as a digital wallet. The device transmits radio frequencies and can be used to make purchases. No word on when it will be available to the general public, but the proceedure doesn't sound to great.

Saturday, November 29, 2003
Slaves work for Masters >>NetLink (1:27 PM)
The terms 'slave' and 'master' are computer jargon for the dependency of devices. But in Los Angeles it apparently can be taken as offensive.
New cheap memory on the way >>NetLink (1:24 PM)
A plastic material used as an anti-static coating on monitors has been found to act like a fuse and hence be a cheap and cost effective data storage alternative. As the plastic reaches a temperature of 200°C it blows and nothing goes through it. They say this can act as a zero, and current moving through it can act as a one (zeros and ones make up digital data). This also means that it is a write once thing.
Linux processes revealed >>NetLink (1:07 PM)
As the launch of Linux kernel 2.6 arrives amid lawsuits and a fast growth in the past year of Linuxs use, the Open Source Development Lab (OSDL) is looking to raise the awareness of the Linux kernels development structure to show that Linux development isn't what SCO (and others) is making it out to be. Read up about it here.
ISPs in Canada to pay? >>NetLink (1:03 PM)
A group representing Canadas songwriters wants ISPs to pay for royalities to music file downloads, no matter if they are legal or illegal. Canadians also have a levy on blank recording media.
Site: The SCO Case >>NetLink (12:55 PM)
This site is an interesting one, pulling together all the facts from the SCO vs Linux case that has been happening since March this year. There are some great opinions in this article.

Thursday, November 27, 2003
SCO should be gone >>NetLink (1:56 PM)
Recently the Open-Source community has been firing at SCO for its claims that there is intellectual property in the Linux source. There has been no proof of this thus far as SCO are going to unveil it in court next year. Oh, wait, there was that code not so long ago that turned out to be created by a Linux developer and the other that was released as Open Source by SCO (then called Caldera) itself (twice!).

SCO are desperate as it seems with their recent stint of trying to sue any corporate users of Linux. This time next year will we still be seeing SCO? Would it fall because of the massive mistake it made this year? Does it think that it is trying to prove anything? All that and more in coming instalments (hehehe).
Batten down the hatches - 5 security flaws found >>NetLink (1:46 PM)
Now, here is why Internet Explorer sucks and Mozilla (and others) are better. 5 'extremly critical' security flaws have been found in Internet Explorer from version 5 through to 6. For something to linger around this long is scary in itself.

The only fix at the moment is to disable Active Scripting in Internet Explorer. Actually, you could also switch to a better web browser - give Mozilla or its variants a spin.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003
Winamp 5 Release Candidate 8 >>NetLink (9:12 AM)
Download Winamp 5 Release Candidate 8 and you probably won't go back to Winamp 2, 3 or Windows Media Player. Test it out, report the bugs and you may see it released sometime in December.
Back to normal (9:08 AM)
Now that I don't have anything to do these days, the website will be continuing as normal. Also, look out for a brand new look that will be coming in sometime in December!
The SCO vs. Linux Round-up >>NetLink (9:05 AM)
SCO have brought in Linux creator Linus Torvalds. He will be getting support from the Open Source Development Lab for his defence. NetLink

Novell plans to aqcuire SuSe, and enter in the Linux market after selling Unix to SCO. SCO state a "no-competition" clause in the selling and will disrupt the process. NetLink

SCO plans to sue corporate Linux users within 90 days. NetLink

The Royal Bank of Canada has caused uproad in Canadian open source community by supporting SCO financially. Boy, that bank will regret that decision. NetLink

Finally, recent announcements by SCO CEO about suing Linux users and BSD has made an uproar with everyone at several shows. NetLink
Intels new halved chip >>NetLink (8:44 AM)
Intel will be producing chips that are half the size of todays in 2005. This lets them stick with Moores law (computer speed doubles every 18 months) without making bigger chips. Experts say that with increased difficulty with current leakage and heat it could break the law which has been held for 30 years.

Intel hopes the law will end in 2011, when they will release a 1 billion transistor chip.
Apple DRM on way to breaking >>NetLink (8:39 AM)
Windows users who use Apples iTunes Music Store have access to an uncompiled C program that can break the DRM included in Apples AAC music format.

Friday, November 21, 2003
Updates will resume next week (4:41 PM)
Sorry for the lack of updates, but right now I am completing my final exams in high school. My final exam is on Tuesday, so I will have a big update then, OK?

Friday, November 07, 2003
Microsoft reward could be better spent - IT Experts >>NetLink (6:42 PM)
IT Experts say that Microsofts reward for finding the programmers of the Sobig and MSBlast.A viruses could be better spent on security. Law enforcement officials say that the reward is a help though.
XBox 2 with the Cell? >>NetLink (6:35 PM)
Here is another theory in the "Which CPU will Microsoft use in XBox2?" case. This site suggests the AMD64 processor, but wait... isn't that the Cell they mention? This piece of chip, speculated to be inside the PS3, being produced by Sony, IBM and Toshiba, and is more powerful than any other CPU, could well be the reason why Microsoft chose IBM. Read the article (click the >>NetLink) to find out why they think this.
When beta testing doesn't work... >>NetLink (6:28 PM)
Microsoft always seem to have bugs get past beta testing don't they? Office System 2003 got its very first critical patch recently. The bug cause any OfficeShape object in a previous versions document to not load properly, cause Office System 2003 components Word, Excel and PowerPoint to not open a file, say its corrupted, open with missing content or an error message being displayed. I guess OfficeUpdate will have the fix available.
Restraining order on Messenger Service spam >>NetLink (6:23 PM)
The Federal Trade Commission in the US had complained and now a district court in the US has issued a temporary restraining order against a specific type of Messenger Service spam. This is the one that pops up saying that you could stop them by buying a piece of software between US$25-US$30. Any Messenger Service spam can be stopped by applying a firewall or by turning off the Messenger Service. It is on by default in Windows, and this case may make Microsofts decision on turning it off by default easier.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003
10th Solar Flare in two weeks >>NetLink (4:41 PM)
In a case that has already made recent history, the sun has emmitted another solar flare, possibly the biggest yet. Apparently it isn't headed towards Earth, but can still affect us.
Massachusetts against the Microsoft ruling >>NetLink (4:26 PM)
Perhaps no surprises to anyone now, Massachusetts is appealing the court decision on the Microsoft anti-trust court case dating way back to Windows 98. The verdict was guilty and that Microsoft had to break up, but that was appealed by Microsoft and it seems they got away with it. Read more above.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003
New Hotmail Soon >>NetLink (5:27 PM)
Already graphic heavy and all that other stuff, Hotmail is due for another overhaul. New anti-spam techniques are apart of the new feature list apparently.
Microsoft chooses IBM over Intel >>NetLink (5:19 PM)
Microsoft has announced that instead of using an Intel processor for the next generation XBox console it will be using an IBM processor. It has been speculated that it will be a PowerPC CPU ranging from a G3 to a stripped G5. This has prompted that the XBox2 may not be backwards compatible with XBox games, especially with the use of ATI graphics instead of nVidia. To gobble more money... we'll see.

Monday, November 03, 2003
Microsoft vs. the EU >>NetLink (4:59 PM)
The European Commission is finding information on IT deals between computer companies and Microsoft in a case which could mean stripping Media Player from Windows and giving out the secrets of Windows Server. Microsoft could also be fined up to 10% of its revenue ($3.2 billion), but a typical fine from the EU has been between 0.1% and 1% of the companies revenue.

Sunday, November 02, 2003
The Sims 2 Site Launches >>NetLink (2:01 PM)
What was a smash hit has a sequal coming out next year. The Sims 2 now has its official website up and running with some screens and videos. Check out the opening sequence showing sims growth in Sims 2.
New Virus Alert >>NetLink (1:58 PM)
This virus, known as Mimail.C, turns peoples computers into spam machines. It appears that that is all that it does at this point in time. Read the >>NetLink to find out more.