Shockwave Flash Screen Saver
As a complement to Shockwave Flash Player I have created this screen saver. You can assign a flash file to play and the screen saver will play it. For those that stop after playing through once, there is an option to force looping. Also, for those animations with lots of sound and you don't want it to come out of the speakers there is also the option to automatically mute the sound. Yes, now you can have those crazy animations as your screen saver.
What you need
You require Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000 or XP (but I do not support Windows 95) and the latest version of the Micromedia Flash Player ActiveX control (the version for Internet Explorer).
Get it now
Shockwave Flash Screen Saver - flscsa_setup.exe (665KB)
Getting flash files
Instructions are at the Shockwave Flash Player page.
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