Help! Help!
OK, so you want help? Give a suggestion to a software program or future software program? Well there are two ways you can go about getting that help.
Forum support is here. Go here to ask your questions, help out others or provide suggestions to future software. Please go here before e-mailing me because you may receive support here faster than if you send it to me. Click here to go there.
You can e-mail me on the form here. There are no guarantees that I will get in contact with you. Please look in the forums first before asking your question, because it might already be answered.
Please note that I am a University student and that means that I may have a big workload in my studies which would put software updates last in the priority list. I will work on my software when I can, but don't expect bugs to be fixed immediately when you/others report them. Just sit tight and watch the world go by.
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